Frequenty Asked Questions

A few things you may be wondering…


Tammy Lea Photography specializes in natural light portraits, but alternate studio lighting is available when desired/necessary. All of our services are available indoors or outdoors at your request.

The attention paid by TLP to the post-processing that occurs following your personalized session differentiates us from other point/shoot/cut a CD photographers. We capture quality images of your family, memorializing your lives and then create artwork that you will be proud to display in your home. Please read through the following FAQ section to learn more about what you will receive for your investment.

What services are included in your session fee?  •1 – 3 hours of photography time.  •All pre-session and post-session consultations with guidance about artistic design and ordering.  •Travel distance within 30 miles of Houlton, ME ($10 for each additional ½ hour of travel to the session destination and back).  •All post-session editing. Please bear in mind that editing is a time-consuming process, generally taking numerous hours to complete. All special editing for lighting, skin tone, blemishes, black & white and other special color effects, etc. is included at no additional charge as a courtesy to our clients, while other photographers often charge extra for these services. It does take extra time, so your patience is appreciated.•Digital proofs from your session may be provided on high resolution CD or flash drive and hosted as samples on our web page unless otherwise indicated in your chosen session package. All details are listed in our investment section, but please feel free to ask if you have specific questions we haven’t covered.

Where will our session take place? Your personalized session will be shot on-location of your choice, whether that be indoors or outdoors. I prefer photographing in your natural environment rather than using highly staged set ups with fake lighting and backgrounds. Locations can be at your home, your yard, a local park, the beach or simply that great location down the street. Anywhere we can be in natural light, near a bright window, etc. will be perfect. The options are endless!

How long will the session last? The portrait session will last up to 2 hours in most cases, with breaks for feeding, diaper changes/bathroom breaks. As a mother with young children and grandchildren of my own, I completely understand how unpredictable life can be and will do everything possible to help make your photo session a positive experience. I would suggest having snacks and entertainment available for your kids. We will likely be photographing each child individually in addition to group shots, during which time siblings may become restless. To ensure the best results, be sure that everyone is rested and fed. If possible, limit children’s sugar intake on the day of the session. We can work the session around nap times, etc. Don’t stress! I’m quite used to working with children on a daily basis, so we’ll get it done and we’ll have fun going with the flow.

What should we wear? Suggestions: Jeans or Khakis work well. Try your best to avoid clothing with bright/busy patterns, visible designer logos or writing on it. In general, solid colors are best.   Simplicity is important for your clothing and accessories. Darker clothing minimizes, while lighter clothing slightly emphasizes body features. There is no need for everyone in the family to match each other, but you should consider colors that complement each other. Varying shades of the same color and earth tones work well.   Try to avoid wearing white, off white, cream, or very pale pink for outdoor shoots as the sun tends to wash out the color and skin tones. And don’t forget your shoes! Shoes are just as important as your clothes because they show in many photos. Most often, dark-toned shoes work best. Bare feet can be fun as well where appropriate.

What happens next? I personally review each and every digital proof from your session. As I review each photo, I will make custom enhancements as I feel it will look best and will apply any special effects that we may have discussed in our pre-session consultation. This personal attention to detail takes extra time but is worth the wait! It can make all the difference between a simple snapshot and a portrait that you will be proud to display. After the editing process, which takes up to 3 weeks in most cases, all proofs will be loaded in your private online galley and will be available for purchase for 30 days unless other arrangements are agreed upon. If you would like to make your photos available for family and friends to order, please send me a note of approval for each person. You may share your private gallery password as you choose.


I look forward to meeting and working with your family!

~Tammy Lea